Lawn soil
Composition i:
Bio-fertilizer, Lime, Compost,
Bark humus, Sand, Black Peat,
White sod peat
pH-value i:
Packaging unit:
40.00 l

Jardino lawn soil is a high quality and ready to use substrate to form new lawns, reseeding and improvements on lawn surfaces. The added ingredients improves water storage, specifically tailored for the needs of lawn grasses. This mixture contains a balanced nutrient supply for up to 8 weeks.


45% peat, 20% compost, 15% sand, 20% bark humus


  1. Prepare seeding or sodding area by removing dead grass and weeds and loosen top of the soil with a rake
  2. Place 1-2cm Lawn Soil evenly over area
  3. Spread grass seed and lightly rake into soil or lay sod over newly applied Lawn Soil
  4. Ensure moistening after seeding or laying sods