Potting Soil for Mediterranean and Citrus Plants
Composition i:
Pumice, Wood fibres, Lime,
Coconut fibres, NPK starter fertilizer, Pine bark,
Black Peat, Micro-nutrients, Clay,
White sod peat, White Peat (milled)
pH-value i:
5,5-6,5 , 6,5-7,2
Packaging unit:
20.00 l

Jardino potting Soil for Citrus Plants is a high quality and ready to use potting mixture. The optimized water and air volume together with the addition of cocopeat, volcanic stone, clay and slowly released fertilizers guarantees a good and healthy growth.


40% peat, 20% coconut fiber, 15% wood fiber, 5% clay, 10% pine bark, 10% pumice


  1. Make sure the pot has one or more drainage holes so excessive water can drain easily
  2. For transplanting tease away excessive old substrate
  3. Fill the new pot with substrate
  4. Place the plant into the plant hole and
  5. Fill up the rest of the pot with substrate
  6. Ensure moistening after potting or transplanting

Jardino hint

This potting supplied your plants with fertilizer for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks, fertilize your plants with Jardino fertilizer.

Quantities for flower- bucket and boxes

Below is a table, for the right amount of potting soil. Reference values may vary depending on your planting.

Flower boxes

151540ca. 9l
151560ca. 14l
151580ca. 18l
1515100ca. 24l
202040ca. 13l
202060ca. 18l
202080ca. 26l
2020100ca. 33l

Flower bucket